Families tour

Or, in the early afternoon to finish before closing time.

The cost of the day varies according to the number of children up to 3 children.

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Familie tour at the museum is a proposal designed for families and a perfect itinerary to spend a morning, an afternoon or a whole day with your children, making them have fun and learn at the same time.

How a family day at the museum works
To stem the spread of COVID19, various actions have been implemented to protect visitors and operators. The visits and activities take place only for very small groups, made up exclusively of your family.

All environments are sanitized and the only person you meet, strictly wearing a mask, is the guide who accompanies you in the activities.

What children do at the museum
The appointment, upon reservation, is at PARC Museum. Once they get to know the educators, the children begin their didactic workshop on fossils. The laboratory includes a geological and paleontological explanation of Sardinia and the territory of Genoni, later we talk about fossilization and the scale of geological times.

Once they have played several games to learn the concepts previously explained, the children are ready to simulate the work of the little paleontologist.

The section of the museum dedicated to educational laboratories is equipped with scientific equipment such as microscopes, micro-scalpels and computers. Everything is used safely and with the constant accompaniment of specialized operators.

What parents do during the family day
The adults, while the children carry out the workshop, visit with the museum guides, the Civic Museum of the Cavallino della Giara and the former convent of the Observant Friars. The first part of the day ends with a visit to the PARC and lunch all together.

Lunch can be packed at one of the spots suitable for picnics, such as the garden of the former convent or under the olive trees of the PARC.

If you prefer lunch seated comfortably in a restaurant, you can book at the Cuaddus e Tellas farmhouse.

Walk with children to the Giara Park
In the afternoon, all together, we conclude the journey with a walk in the Giara Park in search of wild horses and stretch our legs in the open air.

The walk to the Giara Park is guided and includes a path suitable for the needs of a family with children. The route is simple and in some cases it is possible to do it by car, or you can reach the panoramic point and then continue on foot for itineraries that start from a distance of one kilometer up to 3 or 4 km.

The route adapts to your needs and times, usually starting at 10.00 is ideal for completing the entire route in peace. Or, in the early afternoon to finish before closing time.


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