Giara Park Guided tour

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Book a visit to the Giara Park. The cost per person is €10.50 for a minimum group of 8 people, transport by van from Genoni included.

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After booking you will be contacted to define the time of the visit

Duration of the visit:
The guided tour of the Giara Park lasts about 1.30 / 2h. For longer treks and special requests such as a visit to the archaeologicalsite of Bruncu Suergiu we suggest you contact us by email to better plan the activity.

Short description:
The park of the Giara, Giara di Gesturi or Sa Jara Manna, (500-600 m a.s.l.), falls on 4 municipalities: Genoni, Gesturi, Setzu and Tuili. It is spread over 44 square kilometers, about 15 of which belong to the Municipality of Genoni. The name Giara (Sa Jara, Pranu ‘e Jara) seems to derive from the Latin glarea (gravel), with reference to the widespread stonyness that characterizes its surface.

La Giara is a basaltic plateau with characteristic features, a huge natural fortress in the center of Sardinia that preserves a flora rich in endemisms and a fairy-tale environment. It is known above all for the presence of the Giara ponies, for the spring blooms and for the lakes known as Paulis.

Steep cliffs of dark lava rock, from which thundering waterfalls sometimes fall, surround this vast plateau, whose surprisingly flat top is embellished by the suggestive water stagnations of the paulis (Pauli Tramatzu, Pauli Maiori, etc.), with their splendid, white spring blooms of water buttercups. The steep slopes of the Giara, lush with verdant woods and Mediterranean scrub, are modeled in the tender marly marine sediments of the Miocene, at times engraved by steep seasonal water channels. In these slopes, frequent springs (funtanas or mitzas) often originate from the infiltration of rainwater along the cross-linked network that crosses the summit basaltic rock.

Among the specificities of the Giara park we can list the many endemics, rare plants and flowers typical of this unique environment. One above all is the Morisia Monanthos, known as “gold grass”, or the more than 25 wild orchids that bloom on the large Giara.

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