Junior Paleontologist Workshop


Book the small paleontologist’s didactic laboratory online and combine it with the cumulative ticket for a family day

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The goal of the PaleoLabs is to bring children closer to paleontology, stimulating their curiosity with an active and dynamic approach.

Children and young people learn more about the geological history of Sardinia, in particular that which affects the Miocene (23-5 million years) and the area of ​​Genoni (Geosite of Duidduru). They will learn the fossil cleaning technique, thus becoming aware of the importance of the paleontologist’s work and fossils.

Through games, hammers, glues, chisels and a real micro-chisel, complex and apparently boring topics are transformed into an important and fun training course.

Duration of the workshop
About 2 hours

Recommended age:
7-12 independently. For younger children we suggest the presence of parents for the realization of a family workshop.

Proposals for parents
During the workshop, parents can visit the museums and sites of the Municipality of Genoni

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